martes, 25 de octubre de 2011


Chilcracy For me, it's kind of boring family picture, which is allowed, everything revolves around the child. It speaks only of the child eats at the restaurant he decides, he pays much attention to it. The world seems to revolve around the child.The niñocracia is generated when a child is usually very early age to do what he wants. Usually succeeds on the basis of tantrums.The niñocracia being born from a child or baby, tantrums to get a toy or a chocolate. Years later, intensifies when you want to do what he wants and parents do not find a way to stop it. Sort of like dropping a truck on a hill. Will be slow at first, then there will be no stopping him.An example of a typical dialogue niñocracia father and mother:Let's eat ceviche? Says his fatherIt would be ideal! replied the mother.The child says: I want Bembos, Mac Donalds.The mother scolds her husband: We go to McDonald's because he likes.The father says: I like the ceviche, we have to do everything he says.The child makes the tantrum.The mother tells the father, poor thing, you're crying!The parents take the Mac Donalds.The boy has won a great battle. He took another step above them. The next time will not be so hard to convince their parents to do what he wants. Parents in many cases, end with a long face.Such behaviors are corrected early in life. When you do a tantrum, one must look into his eyes and calm, talk, making understanding the reason can not give what he wants forever. It is necessary to stoop to their level to make eye contact. Do your best to help your child understand what you want to explain. The child should show signs of head statement, either orally or eyes. It is important to know that he understood.Niñocracia Another way is that many couples believe that all weekends should go away from home to meet his son.The child says: I go out.Exhausted parents out of bed to meet the child.Learn to relax at home and rest. Let's play games with your child and share good times. He realizes he has a family who stay and be happy. There are beautiful videos to share with our children, go to the park around the corner, biking around the neighborhood and so on. Last time I went with my daughter to pick up leaves in the park in one basket. He liked a lot.Do not give in easily to a child's tantrum. Correct, learn to negotiate with him. You're a parent, working, removed the width and deserves a good time with your family. Know when the world does not revolve around children. You are the main protagonist of his own life. I also tell them that the time can be given to children, is of quality. Surrender to them, giving their best in that little time we spend with them.

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